Here are a few odd facts that I find amusing.

According to Word, Mica took me 632 hours to write. That doesn’t include editing time, because I changed documents, but editing and formatting added another 237 hours.

If you consider that a typical work year for an 8-5 job is 2,080 hours, it’s kinda crazy that it only took that long to write. I wonder if Word counts the hours the document is left open, but not actively in focus, like research or when I fall asleep at the keyboard, or if it only counts when you’re actively writing or changing. Hmmm. Mica came in at 138,576 words, post edit.

Slate was 538 hours, and then add another 125 for editing. Formatting time is harder because Word kept making me save as, so the stats didn’t transfer from one document to the next. Word count is 138,870 post edit.

Bear is 530 hours so far, and no edits have happened. Word count is 126,868.

Jase so far is 94 hours, and I’m 33,452 words into the story.

Grand total hours since beginning this journey in January of this year is 2,156, and we have 437,766 words on the pages so far. That’s about 203 words per hour.

If I wrote at that steady pace eight hours per day, it would be 1,624 words a day. My books wind up in the 130,000 range, so that would indicate it could conceivably take 80 days to write each book. Therefore, if my math is right, I have another 60 days of work to do on Jase. If I only write 1,624 words a day (snort).

I better get crackin!

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