Okay – so here’s where you get to totally laugh at me. I was in a Skype chat with a couple of employees today and had occasion to use the word ‘use’ directly after someone else used it.

Him: I expect to see that one in use.
Me: And, I expect to use it.

I suspect you already see where this is going.

First, I was all “is ‘use’ the right word?” because it suddenly looked wrong. You know the feeling, where you stare and stare at the word because there’s no way that’s a real word.

Then I read what he typed, and what I had typed aloud. Seemed right, but still looked wrong.

So then I Googled the word, found definitions, listened to the pronunciation … because it STILL looked wrong.

Then I realized what I had Googled was “use use and pronunciation” … which made me crazy because that was both uses of the word in one declaration.

So then, I ‘fessed up and told them what I was doing, which garnered a good laugh for them, at my expense. Because I can make a meal out of my insecurities. And using words incorrectly is one of my pet peeves (I’m up to #873 as of today). I’m one of those people who have words that they just can’t use or spell, so I avoid them like the plague. Like restaurant – I always, and I mean always, spell it wrong. So I use words like ‘eatery’ instead. Lame-o, I know-o.

What pithy bit of work business were were dealing with? I shared a funny. Not the best example of good work ethic, I know, but I’m the cool boss!

New Company Word of the Day
When you are annoyed with someone tell them to FOCUS
Fuck Off Cause U’re Stupid

And just for fun, here are the pet peeves that I itemized today. Cuz I’m weird like that.

Pet Peeve #872
Not being able to correct a misspelled word in the subject line of an email thread because then it breaks the continuity of the thread.

Pet Peeve #873
People who answer an email with a personal visit to my office so then I have to remember what they said instead of having an email to refer back to.