I have procrastination on the brain. I ‘know’ what I need to do. I planned to do it today. But then I got stuck in the morass that is social media. And people. All the people. I’ve too many open projects, and if you are one of those /looks at AJ Downey/ who can balance the different voices of wildly diverse characters, I admirhate you right now. Seriously. Go unfuck yourself. I don’t seem to have that gene. Can I clone that tiny bit of you? No? Well, fuck me, to use Slate’s pet phrase.

I have Road Runner, our a baby Dom/fledgling biker in the works for the newsletter serial. I admit I’ve got the monthly installments through June written and edited, ready to go, and then two additional installments written. But, September is looming and I freak out. Yes, I know that’s six months worth of installments in the bag, but still. Look! Look at all the loom. /Jim Carrey voice/ Looooming!

I have book #1 in a spin-off series about 1/3 done. That’s Born Into Trouble, the first Occupy Yourself book, and need it done. Like going from runny-side up to hard-boiled, I need it done. He keeps not talking. Like … I’ll get into it and then think … what the actual fuck did I just type? And June is looming. That’s like … right around the fucking corner. /freaks/

I have Watcher, book #9 in our main Rebel series who has been talking on and off, and I like what’s he’s sayin’. Groovin’ on who he is, but I keep feeling like I need to put him aside to work on silent-boy above. December ain’t in the chutes yet, but still, that bull’s gonna wanna come bucking sooner or later. So … Looming.

Then there are the rogue projects. A standalone that twisted itself off a novella done for an anthology that just won’t shut the fuck up. Seriously. He’s a chatty guy, twisting his way into my head at all times of the night and day. Waking me up so I can jot down his ideas. No deadline and he’s fucking pushy. Fuck me.

Cassie, book #12 in the current series (See the gap between 9 and 12? Fuck me.) is about half done. Swear to God. They won’t shut up. Will not, because they’ve got a story to tell, but I can’t put this book out ahead of the others, too many timeline spoilers for what’s planned.

Oh, and I’ve thrown my hat into the ring for yet another novella for an anthology. Can you kill me now? That’d be easier and less bloody than me flagellating myself into the ground because I can’t stay on target to save myself. I wish I was the kind of person I could admirhate, but it just ain’t working today.

/vent off/

So the good news for you, the readers? There is a metric fucktonne of work in the corral, ready to be sent down the chute to the arena. Just gotta polish and persuade alla these gents and ladies to perform properly for us all. Yeah? Easy as cake, right? /deep breath/

Woofully yours,


PS – I don’t hate AJ at all. I admire and love her face off. She’s uber talented and super sweet, and fortunately, good-natured about being picked on!