Christmas Doings featured on HEA Romance Blog

Christmas Doings made the Happy*Ever*After blog on USA TODAY as a Hot Preorder.  Christmas Doings Releases November 19 Preorders: Amazon: Kobo: iBooks: Nook: Google: #TeamBones #BonesandEster #RebelWayfarersMC #ChristmasDoings #MariaLisadeMora

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Standalone romantic thriller: Alace Sweets

Now live, a dark romantic thriller! After delving into the mind of a serial killer, I couldn't wait to share her story with all of you. A dark romantic thriller, this book is not a light read. Filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense, this intense story commands the reader's attention as it drives towards the explosive ending. [...]

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A Very Merry Christmas 2017

The holidays are the perfect season to reach out to others when laughter and good tidings are in the air. Here’s hoping your celebrations find you among family and friends, sharing the spirit of the season. To those who wear my country's uniform at this time of year, placing yourself in harms way for my [...]

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Announcing the relaunch of

Announcing the relaunch of Designed with the reader in mind! An improved design with simple navigation will make it easy for you to find out more about your favorite series, track upcoming appearances, read all about new book announcements, and explore additional material such as recipes, song lyrics, musical playlists, and more. Combining elegance [...]

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Cover reveal: Bones

I'm thrilled to have worked with Eric Battershell, photographer, Stefan Northfield, model, and Debera Kuntz, artist, on this cover. I met Eric in Houston in 2015, and his approach was so sweetly kind he made quite the impression on this author. Fast forward to spring of 2016 when I was searching for the right model to portray [...]

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Shaded with Love: A Coloring Book for a Cause

We are so excited to show you the cover of Shaded With Love: A Coloring Book for a Cause! This coloring book, featuring 75 designs inspired by your favorite authors & bloggers, will release on DECEMBER 14th, just in time for the holidays and all proceeds will benefit FREE2LUV, an anti-bullying non-profit. So get your [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I find it interesting that there's very little middle ground for how folks feel about my book, Mica. It's a polarizing title, and from the ratings and reviews it's clear people either enjoyed the book, or felt so violently angered by the heroine or the outcome that they are affronted at even reading it. [...]

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Watcher is LIVE!

Watcher is launched into the world I cannot wait. Wait to hear from you about your thoughts on the story, Watcher. Wait to know where you thought the story would go, but then it doglegged a bit, meandering down a different path. Because there are critical character development elements in this book, once you've read [...]

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