Say hello to the book that wouldn’t fit.

Shelter My Heart is a longish novella that is focused on the dynamics of our favorite trio of Lewis, Ty, and Crissy, impacted by the uncertainty of two newly-out rogues. As part of this writer gig, I’ve learned that when a character raises their hand in mid-sentence, so to speak, it’s the perfect time to listen.

In only five days Lewis, Po’Boy of our dreams, fed me this story and I took it and ran with it. Yay for listening to my gut, because this little story feels pretty special.

I wrapped it up on Oct. 11, 2018, which is Coming Out Day. While these characters have already come out to their close friends, they’re beginning to learn that for folks who don’t follow the hetero path, every day can be coming out day. Dealing with that, and the innate insecurities that often surface during any building relationship, and adding in the needs of three individual partners, and we’ve got the start of a complex story.

I hope you enjoy this tiny window into their lives.

Woofully yours,

Shelter My Heart

Edited: Hot Tree Editing

Photography: Invicta Photography

Model: James Clippinger

Po’Boy, Wrench, and Crissy show how they’re meant to be in this saucy and sassy story about love, and change, and doing a whole lot more than just getting by.

Now that Po’Boy has found his happy with the two people he loves more than life itself, he just has to figure out how to keep it. Their triad relationship walks a finely balanced line between the demands of their outside lives and in bed, and Po’Boy is determined to keep things good and sweet for his lovers.

Change is unavoidable, no matter how much a body might wish otherwise, and outside of the relationship, Po’Boy’s role seems to shift with the wind, leaving him scrambling to keep his equilibrium both within the club he owes fealty to and with his ride-or-die, Twisted.

Nothing in life is easy, but with Wrench and Crissy around, he knows the love they share is worth fighting for, even if the worst of the demons he has to fight are buried deep inside himself. They’ll give him shelter for his heart.