No Man’s Land
A Rebel Wayfarers MC & Incoherent MC Crossover Story


Members of the Incoherent MC are no strangers to the pull and tug of disagreements with other clubs in their territory. But waking awash in the bloody aftermath of war’s opening salvo wasn’t typical.

After the slaughter of Hitch’s brothers, he has two goals.

One, keep breathing long enough to avenge them.

Two, learn all there is to know about the angel who saved his life.

Talia had successfully wedged her way into the fringes of her brother Ewell’s motorcycle club despite his attempts to keep her out. Her EMT skills come into play more often than she’d like, and when the IMC, a friendly rival club, asks the Jailbreakers MC for a favor, Ewell—and Talia—can’t turn them down. Even if the aftermath means Talia could be drawn into the maelstrom of war between clubs.