Significance in Small Things

There are a lot of things which can be listed as benefits about the writer gig such as significant amounts of alone time, the ability to creatively eliminate annoyances via fictional avenues, and so many opportunities for unique research. What's not often touted as a benefit, but should be, is the opportunity to connect to [...]

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I have procrastination on the brain. I 'know' what I need to do. I planned to do it today. But then I got stuck in the morass that is social media. And people. All the people. I've too many open projects, and if you are one of those /looks at AJ Downey/ who can balance [...]

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Love Your Local Library

Library - a place where inked dreams are set free, fears will be conquered, and the blinders of narrow-mindedness can be torn away. I grew up in a library. Not literally, of course, but according to some of my earliest memories, the quiet and smell of the Upshur County library in Gilmer, Texas, were part of [...]

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My life, in calendars

It's that time of year. You know how it is, food comas demand reflection on life choices when one year is winding down and another drawing first breath. This year has been filled with a lot of change, and a lot of sameness. We've seen four Rebel books hit the shelves, encountered one another at [...]

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Live an intentional life

I received a newsletter this morning that made me cry. Swear to God. Throat tight, look away from anyone in the vicinity, clench your teeth in a futile effort to stop it ... cry. I have these friends who own and operate a marketing - slash - programming - slash - design company in Indy. Rare [...]

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Group love

It came to my attention that Facebook groups have some advantages over the author page I started with. The post visibility in a group can be better controlled, which is great, but even better is that as an author, I can interact at a different level with fans. So, as an experiment, I've opened a Rebel Wayfarers [...]

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