Woofully Yours Happy New Year

I’ve come to a decision. A resolution, if you will. It’s that time of year, after all.

I will no longer read any story that simply fits tab A into slot B as part of a purely mechanical process. Because that seems to be what a lot of stories do … there are damn few that achieve any kind of emotional connection. Smut for smut’s sake instead of slaked satisfaction.

I find that I need … senses involved. Taste, touch, sight, and even smell … so much more than just my hearing with a moaned, “Oh baby, you’re so big.” One sense versus using all five to immerse me in the moment. That’s just awful, which is so far from what I need … I need to hear her inner thoughts of the strength in his hands, how protected she is, the rustle of the curtains at the window, how the salt of his sweat tastes on her tongue, the beauty of the shadows moving along the wall …

I need the woo.

I’ve decided I definitely need the woo.

And, I have found that you folks who like my stories, you seem to like the woo, too. You shouldn’t settle for less. Demand the woo! The stories you give your time to, the ones you read cover to cover, those should be full of the woo. The writer should suck you in and wrap you tightly, living up to every expectation that you are feeling, smelling, and tasting everything written about on the page. You as a reader deserve at least that much.

If I don’t give you the chance to suspend disbelief and immerse yourself in my stories, then I’m not doing my job, am I? I want to do that. I need to. Definite need there, too.

A short story that I wrote recently is wonderfully wooful. That’s woo-ful, not awful. As in full-of-the-woo. In fact, it was so woo-filled that, until I asked, some of the alpha readers didn’t even notice there wasn’t any sex in the story. Instead it was sweet and romantic, full of tenderness and real reactions. Kissing, yes. Noticing of each other’s charms, also yes. Even a little tasteful (and wooful) groping. But no sex. And some of them didn’t notice, because reading about fitting that tab A into slot B wasn’t important. It was wooful. And the woo was wonderful.

So my resolutions are as follows:

  • I resolve to ensure I give you the woo. All of the woo. Every single wooful time.
  • I resolve to only read stories that give me woo, too.
  • I will only read authors who are better than I am, who are more skilled with a turn of phrase.
  • I will only read stories that make me better as a person, that push me to make good and right decisions. We are influenced by what we take in, after all, and I promise to only take in things that make my stories better for you. I’m going to feed the woo.

I see good things.

Woofully yours,

PS – Happy New Year!