Whirlwind Year

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm writing Mason's story. That statement alone should do nothing to inspire fear or joy, because there are no threatening words in those few characters, and there are no overt tones of pleasure. But, when you consider the journey of the past year, the paths taken to get to this place [...]

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Okay - so here's where you get to totally laugh at me. I was in a Skype chat with a couple of employees today and had occasion to use the word 'use' directly after someone else used it. Him: I expect to see that one in use. Me: And, I expect to use it. I [...]

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Why did you start writing?

People ask me sometimes what made me begin writing creatively at my age. (I know! I look at them like they've just insulted the Queen, too. 'At my age?' really?) It's something I'd never done, and I don't have a straightforward answer to that question, but I think I can explain somewhat, at least so [...]

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