Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I find it interesting that there's very little middle ground for how folks feel about my book, Mica. It's a polarizing title, and from the ratings and reviews it's clear people either enjoyed the book, or felt so violently angered by the heroine or the outcome that they are affronted at even reading it. [...]

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Mica Redux

I've been playing with an idea about the early days of Mica, how she came to be embraced by the club, and what kind of encounters she might have had. It's from her point of view, but kinda not, since we know all the players. Some of the guys are talking, and I kinda like [...]

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Mica is One Year Old!

Hard to believe it's been a year! Mica June 22, 2014 - I Pushed 'Publish' It all began with a dream. In late 2013, I began to dream about this sassy but fun chick, waking up every morning with an idea beating at my brain. The potential for a story, it was about a strong [...]

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Spoilers: Questions about Mica and her men

Not long ago I asked folks to send me questions about the books and characters. Nearly all of the questions would have resulted in terrible spoilers for anyone not having read the books, and I responded to most of those privately. I did, however, keep a small cache of questions which I felt needed answers, [...]

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Mica, live!

Mica is now live on Amazon! This has been such a positive experience and has moved so fast. It was just about 6 months ago that I had the characters start pounding in my brain, and now the book is published. I can't thank my team enough for their support, my daughter Stephanie, bestie Hollie, [...]

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Cover artist

Mega-geeked, Melissa from www.mgbookcoversanddesigns.com is going to do the cover for Mica! Her covers are so hot, I was thrilled when she had room in her schedule to work with me. Things are really coming together for the mid-June release date on Amazon, and I can share with you now that Slate will only be [...]

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Beta readers needed

Open call for beta readers - if you like steamy books with alpha males, peril, humor and an MC attitude, you might want to get in on this. If you don't know what an MC is, you probably want to pass. First in a series of five books, these are not for the easily offended. [...]

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Gearing up for Mica’s release

So excited! Hot Tree Editing will be working with me, and I was able to request Kayla the Bibliophile as my editor of choice (squeee)! She's awesomeness and I'm a little geeked. Once that's behind me, Mica will be available on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble for download purchase.

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