Jase, book #4, Rebel Wayfarers MC book series Well, here we are. Thirty days from the release date for Jase, book #4 in the Rebel Wayfarers MC book series. I'm busily preparing and formatting the document for the print on demand service, so I can get a printed proof ordered and delivered in [...]

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Gunny’s dilemma

I cannot tell you how much it means to me that so many of you want more. More of the stories, more about the characters, more information, more of...well, everything. Thank you for making these characters your friends, I have grown to love each and every one, even when they impose themselves on us unexpectedly, [...]

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Beginning Jase

Well, I told you all that Jase was beginning to talk to me, didn't I? I started the outline last night and here we are, 24 hours later and we're nearly 10,000 words in already. He and his woman have so much to say, it's been a fun day trying to capture their thoughts and [...]

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