Well, I told you all that Jase was beginning to talk to me, didn’t I? I started the outline last night and here we are, 24 hours later and we’re nearly 10,000 words in already. He and his woman have so much to say, it’s been a fun day trying to capture their thoughts and actions onto the page.

He’s a playful guy, so different from the Rebel Wayfarers he’s surrounded with, his focus is…different. His woman, now, she’s been part of the club for so long he keeps her off kilter because he doesn’t react the ways she’s come to expect. Topsy-turvy doesn’t cover it. Then there are always Mason’s machinations in the background; where is he guiding things this time?

Playlist so far has been lots of Lucero. Straight up Ben Nichols and Lucero with a clash of cultures and genres mixed in for fun. Seriously reflects the relationship, but we’ll see how this shakes out, too.

Ben Nichols – Tobin
Lucero – Hey Darlin’ Do You Gamble? @luceromusic
Ben Nichols – Toadvine
Lucero – Texas & Tennessee
Lucero – The Last Song
White Denim – I Start to Run @whitedenimmusic
Ben Nichols – The Last Pale Light In The West
Ray Gelato – Mambo Italiano
Lucero – Darby’s Song
Lucero – Slow Dancing
Lucero – Chain Link Fence
Lucero – I’ll Just Fall
Sugarland – Already Gone @Sugarlandmusic
Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah @PlainWhiteTs
The Veer Union – The Antagonist @TheVeerUnion
Surrender The Fall – Deeper Inside @STFBand
The Weepies – World Spins Madly On @theweepies
Lifehouse – Breathing @lifehouse
Hellyeah – Sangre por Sangre @hellyeahband
Young Guns – Bones @YoungGunsUK
Frank Zappa – Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
We Are Your Father – Sarge
Emphatic – Get Paid @_EMPHATIC_
Matt Corby – Brother @MattCorby
Night Beds – Even if We Try @NightBeds
Pickwick – Halls of Columbia @PickwickMusic
Young Buffalo – Full Metal Whacket @YOUNGBUFFALO

This unconventional relationship is going to be fun to twist and twine. If the outline holds, we’re all in for a hell of a ride! At least we’re so early in the book that they go the direction they’re pointed without much argument so far. I’m sure those struggles will come in the latter portion of the book … Stay tuned!