Lift: Authors Raising Autism Awareness

I found out about a simply wonderful initiative, Lift: Authors Raising Autism Awareness, just a tad too late to participate, but when I reached out to Ginger Scott, one of the organizers, she immediately responded with information so I can be part of this in at least a small way! What is it? It's a wonderful group [...]

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Group love

It came to my attention that Facebook groups have some advantages over the author page I started with. The post visibility in a group can be better controlled, which is great, but even better is that as an author, I can interact at a different level with fans. So, as an experiment, I've opened a Rebel Wayfarers [...]

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1,000 Facebook Likes!!

Whoo hoo! We've reached 1,000 likes on the Facebook page! As promised, here's a hot taste from Bear, due for release in early December this year. He reached up, his palms delicately cupping her jaw on either side of her face as he looked down at her. Kiss me, she thought and then grabbed her [...]

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Pinterest – Character Development

So...I may have created a Pinterest account. In fact, I kinda did - and started out with things that pertain to books. Then I decided it would be a good way to bookmark some things I didn't want to lose track of (I know, that IS what Pinterest is all about, bear with me) for [...]

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