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As promised, here’s a hot taste from Bear, due for release in early December this year.

He reached up, his palms delicately cupping her jaw on either side of her face as he looked down at her. Kiss me, she thought and then grabbed her bottom lip between her teeth to help steady her breathing.

Lowering his mouth towards hers, he hesitated before touching her, hovering there for seconds. Goddammit, kiss me, she thought wildly, and then impulsively rose on her toes to press her lips to his, provoking a response as she closed the distance between them.

His reaction was delayed, but then his mouth began moving over hers, lips softly working against her as he deepened the kiss leisurely. Dragging his tongue across her lips, he groaned into her mouth when she opened to him, stroking into his mouth with her own tongue, letting it dance with his. His hands held her face tenderly, but she could feel the trembling in his arms, and heard his sharp pants for air as he strove to retain control. Reveling in the knowledge that he was as affected as she was by the kiss, she slowly lowered from her toes and smiled against his mouth as he pursued her down, not letting her break contact for a moment.

He was kissing her as if his life depended on it; it was as if he was savoring every part of her mouth, his tongue flicking and flattening against her teeth, then her palate, tracing the shape and softness of her lips, devouring her with every movement. His thumbs slowly traced across her cheekbones, stroking in time with the efforts of his tongue, as it became a synchronized assault of her nerve endings, his every touch heightening the sensation.

She felt his pelvis pressed against her stomach, backing her ass into the seat of the bike. His hips thrust against her rhythmically, his erection outlined in his tight jeans, every drive timed with his attack on her mouth, with his touches on her cheeks, so that she became conscious of the layers of clothes separating their skin. Where he wasn’t touching, she felt the stroke of the air on her, that portion of her body now feeling bereft and abandoned. He was making love to her mouth, and she felt responsive echoes clenching deep inside.

Unaware of time passing, she had no knowledge of how long they had been standing in the parking lot, immersed in each other. Nothing mattered except the next rushed gasp of breath, the moans that came from deep in his throat and vibrated her down to her core, the evidence of his arousal hard against her stomach. The desire filled her with growing need, and panting hard, she reluctantly surfaced from the sensations drowning her when he slowed and stilled against her, his lips still covering hers, their huffs of breath mixing in their joined mouths.

Pulling back more slowly than she expected, but more quickly than she ever wanted, she felt him rest his forehead against hers and grinned when he rubbed his nose against hers. The skin around her mouth burned softly with the abrasion from his scruff, and her lips felt swollen and tender.

“Damn,” he said softly, dragging his lips across her cheek to the shell of her ear, tracing the edges there with the tip of his tongue. He slid one hand slowly down her neck and across her collarbone, cupping her shoulder and then trailing fingertips down to her hand, which he raised to his lips, holding her fingers captive in his hand as he folded it across his own cheek.

“Damn,” she agreed, looking into his green eyes, the dark pupils widely dilated with desire.

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