Well Crafted: Local Bands + Local Brews

Well Crafted: Local Bands + Local Brews

Okay – so I wrote a ton during downtime this weekend. I don’t know if it was the music at Well Crafted, or the surroundings of the Shaker Village in Kentucky, but I was swept up with Bear, Mason and Slate. Of course, Mason was born in Kentucky, so maybe I was just in tune with the man. Every time I took a break from the fun, I had my laptop and was writing. These men…mmm hmm. We’re nearing the finish line for Bear, if I can just keep the characters following the straight and narrow, but they keep wanting to take side tracks and explore. I continue to rein them in a little, but sometimes it’s fun to see where they go.

I’m gonna take a minute to answer a few questions I’ve gotten about the series and me (what?). Not all the questions, let’s keep this session to … say … six. Nice even number. (Shaddup, Hols, I know I have a problem.)

1) Yes, each book is intended to be able to be read as a standalone. You don’t have to read Mica to enjoy Slate, and vice versa.

2) Yes, there is timeline overlap between all the books. These characters are so intertwined and important in each others lives that we can’t not. The point of view is unique to each book, though, so for someone that reads all five books, the characters and events will have depth and nuance that you can’t get from one book. It’s like life, every interaction is unique for the individuals that live it, and if you get every perspective, you fill in the layers to find an entirely different picture.

3) Yes, there is another set of books planned to follow this one. The theme is still secret, but you might still get to see these folks we now love.

Me and Ben Nichols

Me & Ben Nichols from Lucero (Ben FREAKIN’ Nichols!)

4) Maayyybe… some of the scenes are from my life. Like the sheep dip scene in Slate? Totally happened to me. Shortest job I ever held, four hours. I was young and crazy, what can I say? So let’s say, I write in a character that happens to meet Ben Nichols, you will all know that it happened–Just. Like. That!

5) No freakin’ idea, if I’ll ever do an author event. I have a full-time job and am parent to a young adult with autism, so travel has to be carefully planned.

6) No, I don’t mind if you message me! I like it, because it’s validation! You like my books? Hells yeah, I wanna know! I actually met a fan in Fort Wayne a couple weeks ago. I don’t know who was more excited: 1 – Her, because she got a picture with me, or 2 – Me, because I met someone I didn’t know who had read and LIKED my book!

Okay – Q&A is over, I’m back to Mason, he’s got a decision to make and I hope he lets me guide him in the direction in which he needs to go. I never know about that man, he’s alpha and ornery!

Here’s a pano taken during the last song in Ben Nichols’ set; the moon had just come up, and the fireflies were beginning to light up the field around us as he finished off the day. I had SUCH a good weekend!

Ben Nichols, Well Crafted: Local Brews + Local Bands