How excited are you for the release of Mason?

If you’re like me, the answer is MEGA!

Now that the insane flurry of activity surrounding Gunny’s release has died down and I can breathe again, I started looking at the schedule, and began to believe I could successfully shave several weeks off the calendar for Mason’s release. It would be a lot of work, but worth it … if you folks were interested. Could you get excited to read Mason in September instead?

Let me wait a minute while that sinks in. September.
Originally, the release date for this book, #6 in the series, was December 14. Then, after the writing goddess smiled on me over the holidays, and writing went oh-so smoothly, I moved it up to October 29. Which, at the time, seemed incredibly ambitious. Sure, I already had purchased the image for the cover, but still needed to create the cover. I’d already asked the editing service to change their schedule for me once, and to ask again seemed somewhat unreasonable.

The more I thought about it, however, and the longer I worked to polish the story, the more I believed I could push up the release date even sooner.
A flurry of emails passed between me and Hot Tree Editing, Mommy’s a Book Whore, and the cover artist. After a couple of weeks, everything slipped into place and I can say with surety that September is doable!

How about September 14? Would that be soon enough?

This means I’ll have copies with me in LA to sign at the Authors By The Beach event on September 19. It also means I’ve got signed paperback pre-orders up on the store on my website.


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