Mason, release day

  Here we go, Mason will be live across the globe within just a few hours and I am on pins and needles waiting to hear from all of you. I hope I did right by  our favorite outlaw, pray I shaped his story into what it needed to be. You've seen the cover, shown above, [...]

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Cover reveal for Mason, Rebel Wayfarers MC #6

When I wrote Mica, the very first book in the Rebel Wayfarers MC series, I used a variety of visual cues to keep me on track with the characters flowing from my fingers onto the page. One of the tools was to collect images of actors and models that I used to prompt nuggets of [...]

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Mason, book #6: Schedule change

How excited are you for the release of Mason? If you're like me, the answer is MEGA! Now that the insane flurry of activity surrounding Gunny's release has died down and I can breathe again, I started looking at the schedule, and began to believe I could successfully shave several weeks off the calendar for Mason's [...]

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Coming soon: Slate

It won't be long now! Slate will be released later this month, and the HOT cover reveal is just around the corner. Melissa Gill from MGBookcovers and Designs, who worked her magic on Mica's cover, is doing the cover for this story as well, which pretty much guarantees the hawtness level! If you enjoyed meeting [...]

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