Watcher is launched into the world

I cannot wait. Wait to hear from you about your thoughts on the story, Watcher. Wait to know where you thought the story would go, but then it doglegged a bit, meandering down a different path.

Because there are critical character development elements in this book, once you’ve read it, you might want to join the Facebook group for discussion about the storyline. That will help keep spoilers out of main timelines:

Now, my thanks. To so many folks.

For any given book, there are scores more people involved in bringing it to print than you might imagine. Of course, there are those who actively assist in every endeavor—photographers, editors, alpha and beta readers, graphic artists, and distributors. These people are important, and their roles are key. But frequently it is the behind the scenes folks who play just as critical a role, often without thanks.

People who provide inspiration through their actions, usually without realizing how they’ve impacted others. Individuals who become the conscience of the characters, and help shape the actions within the pages. This book is one of those, where the list of thank you notices would far outstrip the page count of the story.

Thank you to the gal at the concert who told me I looked amazeballs. That helped lead to Juanita accepting herself in ways that might surprise folks.

Thank you to the biker at the Veterans’ ride who complimented my riding. That helped give Carmela self-confidence to best her situation.

Thank you to the elderly veteran outside the gas station in southern Louisiana. The pride you took in your service shone through our conversation, and I carried that with me all year.

Thank you to the co-worker who gave me a gigantic beer mug. It helps to know there are good people who have my back.

Every interaction helps build my world, and these in turn enrich the one I’ve created in my mind. Thank you all.

I do have a few specific thanks to give. Bear with me, because these are important.

Thank you to all active military and every veteran, man or woman, who served on home soil or overseas; to each hero who didn’t make it home; to all the families of those who serve. Thank you for your service. You have my unending gratitude. I am humbled at the gift of sacrifice you have presented to all Americans.

An enormous thank you to Charles Thomas Rogers Photography for capturing the image on the cover of Watcher. His work with Anthony Varrecchia was brought to my attention by a dear friend, and the swiftness with which everything fell into place meant this cover was destined to be. Anthony is amazing, and is as sweet and gracious a being as you could ever ask. Also, a big thank you to Debera Kuntz for your talented ability to clarify my muddled ideas and bring them to life.

Becky Johnson and the gals at Hot Tree Editing have done a fabulous job, as always. I appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile to help shine my babies. XOXO

To my critique partners, Kristen, MirandaPanda, Kori, Jamey, and Kelsi: Thank you. Watcher is the better for your feedback. Plus, you didn’t kill me. So, bonus!

To the readers. You folks who vote with your wallet. The ones who read these stories and come back for more. Y’all rock hard. Miles of gratitude.

To my cadre of personal motorcycle men and women who have grown to be more family than friends, thank you. From the bottom of. Except Tinker. You’re still an ass. No, that’s neither a metaphor nor an allegory.

And, that’s it. Like I said, if I keep going, I’ll double the page count, and none of us want filler in front of this story. Y’all enjoy, yeah? Muuwah! <3

Woofully yours,