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Neither this, Nor that

There’s been a tale rattling around in my head for a while now, ever since I penned Twisted Penny, a short story for the OAMC anthology. George Bell, aka Twisted, has been all up in my face, demanding he get more page time, so what else could I do? I’m giving it to him. Set deep…

Mica Redux

I’ve been playing with an idea about the early days of Mica, how she came to be embraced by the club, and what kind of encounters she might have had. It’s from her point of view, but kinda not, since we know all the players. Some of the guys are talking, and I kinda like…


I have procrastination on the brain. I ‘know’ what I need to do. I planned to do it today. But then I got stuck in the morass that is social media. And people. All the people. I’ve too many open projects, and if you are one of those /looks at AJ Downey/ who can balance…

Duck’s Ready to Fly

I wanna start off with a shout-out to Daddy. See that picture of the good-looking, handsome man? Strong, honest, kind, loyal, hard-nosed but fair. Godly (and he’d probably list that first, but this is my list about him) and loved (definitely not last on any list about my dad). Giver of many chances, he expected…

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