Treading the Traitor’s Path: Out Bad, book #2
Releases tomorrow, Sept. 18

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Po’Boy is quite the character. Near the end of Twisted Pain, he told me a secret that nearly made me drop the idea of writing this book. Something so abhorrent in biker culture, it seemed wrong to write it. Dude’s persistent though, and he wore me down, putting people in my path who showed me that the times they are a changing. Once he got me on board, however, it was balls to the wall and full steam ahead as he pushed my comfort levels and boundaries.

I’ve come to love him. I know I probably say that about every character. Well, nearly every one of them. Some are unrepentant jerks who don’t deserve the headspace. But Ralph Lewis, or Motorboat as I affectionately call him, is unique in my head. He owns an interesting dichotomy of characteristics that I’ve not seen in a single character. He can be a cold-blooded killer, a ride or die brother, a friend like no other, and a caring and sensitive lover.

If nothing else, he’s taught me two things:
Lesson One: There will always be someone who feels like you don’t deserve the things you’ve worked for and earned.
Lesson Two: Fuck ‘em.

The thank you section comes next, y’all hang around and give these folks some love, okay?

Thanks to WANDER AGUIAR :: PHOTOGRAPHY​ for the image on the cover, it’s an excellent capture of a phenomenal model, James Clippinger​. James embodies the exact look and attitude I imagined for Po’Boy, and a picture find like this is rare. He’s kinda my version of a unicorn. :makes with the jazz hands: It’s magic! Thanks to Debera Kuntz​ for her work on the cover, her artistry was critical in helping set the tone of a series theme.

Hot Tree Editing​ and Becky Johnson​ worked their wizardry, making me look so much more intelligent than I am. This is a team I’m proud to have behind me, and I can’t thank them enough.

Thanks to my alpha and beta team, Missy​, Kori​, Megan​, Miranda​Panda, Jamey​, Kristen, Jesse​, and (my slow friend) Kay​. Your encouragement and insight provide so much more than mere amusement, I promise.

Thanks are also due to you, the reader. You’re the one who keeps opening these covers and drinking down the words inside. The ones who inhale the story and breathe out a demand for more. I appreciate every single one of you more than you’ll ever know, because while I write these damn things for me, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the finished product is (mostly) just for you.

Finally, fuckin’ finally, there are thank yous needed for the folks in the life who put up with my Ed and Kay brand of special shit. You haven’t killed me yet, and for that I’m grateful. But, you did saddle me with Tinker, so there’s that, too.

Love alla y’all. Except Tinker. 😛

Woofully yours,

#NTNT Series:
‘Neither This, Nor That’ Legends are born from moments like these. Folktales spun around a single point in time so perfect, you can almost hear the click resonating through the universe as things align. Meet Twisted, Po’Boy, Retro, and Ragman, good old boys from southern states who have many things in common. First, is a bone-deep love of the biker lifestyle. Second, would be their love of the brotherhood, and knowing that you trust the man at your back. Finally, these men have the love of a good woman. None of these come without a price, and it is our pleasure to journey along with them as they discover the blessings that can be won, and lost along the way.

This Is The Route Of Twisted Pain, book #1
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