Going Down Easy, a crossover story between Rebel Wayfarers MC Book Series and my Incoherent MC series.
Global link: https://books2read.com/Going-Down-Easy

Former Marine Jacob Tinney found a new life within the Rebel Wayfarers MC in Fort Wayne. Known as Jock, the club’s members had taken him in, watched over him as their own, and sustained him with reasons to hold his PTSD at bay for another day.

Into this good life sashayed Silly, Sylvia Perez, a quirky tattoo artist, friend of the club, and woman who hid so much of herself behind a façade. Jock was first intrigued, then enamored, and finally—consumed with lust, and love.

But, when Silly is offered the chance of a lifetime to run her own tattoo shop down near the Big Easy, there’s little he can do except tell her goodbye. Until an unexpected suggestion comes his way. What if he could keep the brotherhood of a club, the comradery he needed, and transfer that to another patch?

Could he leave the RWMC and patchover?