Are you ready to see the super hot cover for Slate? It will be posted here on Friday, so be sure you sign-up for blog updates! Melissa Gill @ MG Book Covers and Designs has been hard at work tweaking and making it perfect for all of us.

Here’s a short snippet from the book, I hope you all love Slate as much as I do!

“Headed out, thanks,” Andy tossed over his shoulder as he rounded the corner to see Bingo still standing in front of his bike.

Sharp laughter came from behind him, and he turned to see Mason had followed him. “Bingo, what the fuck are you doing, brother? Your girl is going to see you cheating on her, and she’ll take her revenge…you know she will.” He laughed again.

Bingo looked up at Andy. “She’s beautiful, man. I’d give a fuckuva lot for one just like her; cherry red, virgin white, fringe on the seat, chrome so bright—that poetry nearly fucking writes itself.”

Mason slung an arm around Andy’s shoulders. “Come back inside and have a beer; I’d like to offer you a job.” He turned them around and started walking back to the door of the bar. “Bingo will be out here for another hour, but he won’t fuck with your ride. He’ll simply lust from a distance.”