These RWMC short stories demanded to be written because sometimes the supporting characters simply deserve more than a paragraph or three in one or two books. These stories and novella flow into the timeline of the Rebel Wayfarers MC series arc, and their numbering of halfsies is intentional. That means, if you read a .5 book before the .0 book, you’ll twig to spoilers and storylines you would otherwise read in the main book. Consider yourself warned!

A Sweet & Merry Christmas – 2014

Rub a dub, dub, two girls in a … bar? We’ve got bikers and bakers and bartenders, but will they embrace more than the Christmas spirit?

1.5 – A sweet Christmas short story of want and desire. Experience a taste of Brandy’s pursuit of Jess, and their coming together for the first time. You might even get to catch a glimpse of many of your favorite Rebels at this holiday celebration, in true Mason-style.
This is a short story that gives a little insight into a sweet couple who many readers have asked about. In the series timeline, this story would sit alongside book #1, Mica. You can learn more about Jess and Brandy, as well as Mason and other members of the Rebel Wayfarers MC in the books, Mica, Slate, Bear, Jase, and Gunny, now available.

18+ due to mature content. LGBT


SS3_Harddrive-Holidays_ebook-450Harddrive Holidays – 2015

Visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, can Harddrive find his way to the sweetest meaning of the holidays?

7.5 – The holidays can be a joyous time, but when you have experienced a profound loss, they can also be filled with bittersweet memories. Take a trip down memory lane with a colorful, old-school biker, Landon Shoemaker, known throughout an active network of motorcycle shops and clubs as Harddrive. With a long history twisted round with the Rebel Wayfarers, he has known Davis Mason since before there was a RWMC. Catch sight of the world our Rebels inhabit, seen through the filtering lens of an outside perspective, as Landon recognizes that family extends far beyond blood, and learns how well forgiveness can heal when it flows both ways.

18+ due to mature content.


Secret Santa – 2016

Get ready for dancing, dining, and dunkings, because when you open your door on Christmas Eve to see Santa on your front porch, what else do you do?

9.75 – Meet Peter Teravest, also known as Truck, a nomad biker who finds himself sitting in the Florida panhandle alone one Christmas Eve. Truck has seen challenges in his life, and made his way out the other side with the help of his brothers in the Rebel Wayfarers MC. Ready to start a new chapter, he’s purchased a home sight-unseen, and arrives a day ahead of schedule and in a bind.

Cue Vanna Reicht, his nearest neighbor who just happens to have friends in common with Truck. They share a meal, chatting and talking like long-lost friends. It’s late. It’s Christmas Eve. It’s also comfortable, sweet, and oh-so complicated. In the series timeline, this story sits alongside Watcher, book #9.