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With My Whole Heart

With My Whole Heart, Book One

With My Whole Heart is a complicated story about family.

Jaime’s a young, single mother who is trying to make ends meet, feeling like she’s always waging an uphill battle to make sure she and her son are housed, fed, and healthy. Connor’s designed his life to stay too busy for relationships.

How complicated is it?

She’s his big brother’s surrogate, and he’s the sperm donor. How in the hell would this ever work? Connor didn’t know, but he was determined to convince the feisty little blonde to take a chance on him. What he didn’t realize was it meant taking a chance on himself, too.

Caution: This isn’t an MC story. If you’re looking for grit, you’ll need to get your hard on somewhere else. No one gets kidnapped or assaulted in this one. Or even runs around without underwear on, I mean … the hero wears boxers at one point. Come on! It’s like I don’t know the me who wrote it. Plus it’s super sappy in places, and an unusual story setup. It’s not a feckin’ unicorn, but it’ll do.


With My Whole Heart is an engrossing, complex romance story with rich characters, love and loss, a sweet romance, relationship drama, and steamy, heart-pounding sexuality.

DeMora writes in a natural, flowing voice with careful attention to detail.

Within the first few sentences, MariaLisa already immerses the reader in her story and breathes life into her characters, giving them relatable emotions and vibrant personalities.

An engaging read!” – NY Literary Magazine

What others are saying

“This book has a special place in my heart. I was pulled in from the first words to the last.”

“This is a soft and truly beautiful departure from the grit and ferocity of MariaLisa DeMora’s MC worlds… not that I don’t find beauty in the Rebel Wayfarers and Neither This, Nor That characters and books! This author’s writing is just so sublime – the hard edges of the brittle life she depicted through clipped dialogue and terse prose in Bones being smoothed out and rounded eloquently into this intimate romance, centered as it is around warm, loving people who care so deeply for one another.”

“WITH MY WHOLE HEART is the best among a group so filled to the brim. It’s not always easy to find that diamond in the rough, and if you are looking for a warm heart, drama, very little angst, lots of soul, and flawless writing … look no further. This book is your ticket to romance nirvana.” ~CmP

“MariaLisa deMora is one of the best story tellers I have ever read. Her characters jump from the page into your heart. Jaime and Connor will stay in mine forever.” ~Gail Sawyer

“What an amazing book this was. I never thought I would see a storyline like this from one of my favorite authors because let’s face it, she’s a MASTER at writing an MC book. When I heard about this book I just KNEW I had to read it because it’s something different. Let me just say, this book is definitely in my Top 10 for 2017 it’s THAT GOOD!!!” ~Franci Neill

With My Whole Heart is written in the same world as Bet On Us. Be sure to read this compassionate and humorous gay love story, featuring characters first introduced in With My Whole Heart.