Rebel Wayfarers MC, Book Four

Meet Jase Spencer.

He’s just your everyday kinda guy, a hard-partying, hard-living professional hockey player. Nothin’ special.

Good-looking and ripped, the man has moves, on and off the ice. But, he’s also jaded and alone, and tired of living out of suitcases.

For as long as he can remember, hockey has ruled his life. He’s chased pucks across more than a dozen countries, and had his pick of women in any town he visits.

Then he met HER. And now, he’s about to turn his life upside down because of HER. Because he can’t get the one night of passion he shared with a smokin’ hot biker babe out of his head. Unfortunately, DeeDee wasn’t interested in anything long term, and she’s gone before he’s ready.

Life becomes complicated and difficult when Jase is traded to another team, and as he tries to settle in his new hometown, everything seems to conspire against him, determined to go wrong.

Dancing around their mutual attraction, one day he and DeeDee find themselves face-to-face and body-to-body, but will they be able to set aside their past pain and focus on the future they could make together? Can he make her reconsider her relationship fears and trust him?

Jase is on a mission to show her what they have together is worth fighting for, to convince her to take a chance on him. His attempts will bring him squarely into the path of a motorcycle club, earning him the attention of Mason, president of the Rebel Wayfarers MC.

Jase says, “Bring it on.”

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Bingo’s Poetry from Jase

Bingo is our resident poet for the Rebel Wayfarers, and for Jase he penned two poignant poems. Both of them are dedicated to DeeDee.
The first is a requiem for the life she shared with her husband, Winger, mourning his death, and the second is filled with Bingo’s hope for her,
of a full life still to come.

He Flies Today
Words can barely mark the story of what he was to you,
Strokes of the pen so tiny when compared to love so true

He, your man, he loved you
Straight from his eyes, his heart
Loving you as you stood there
His wings bracing until you part

Your names forever etched on skin’s living canvas,
Significant possession, chains stretched straight through both

You, his woman, you loved him
Curved round him while he flies
Always together we found you
Never the thought of goodbyes

My Song For You
Striping scars on love, your sadness sears

Wiping at your too-wan cheeks
My fingers scratch your skin
Filled with sadness, broken
Parchment, delicate and thin

Laughter echoes through the hallways
Soars past the doorways of your heart

Cruel malice can be mastered
Giving love a new, fresh start

Finding your joy in living
Love too full to hold within
Resurrect all happy in your life
Spilling barriers, leaking chagrin

Hold tight as you launch, cry pleasures tears

Copyright © 2015 – MariaLisa deMora