Rebel Wayfarers MC, Book Seven

Isaiah Rogers grew up on his family farm in Alabama. Loved by his family, he’s a country boy at heart, a southern gentleman by raising.

The path to northern Indiana was twisted and long, but this sensitive man found a comfortable niche as a member of the Rebel Wayfarers, vice-president of their affluent and growing Fort Wayne chapter. Hoss, as he’s now known, retains pieces of the boy from rural Alabama, but life in the club has hardened him, driving home the message time and again that love isn’t safe.

Hope Collins also grew up in Alabama, but their histories could not be more different.

An ill-timed youthful rebellion came with long-lasting consequences. It’s then she finds she’s not an only child after all, her father holding up her half-sister’s failures as a painful lesson before closing the door of her childhood home in her face.

Hoss and Hope’s paths collide when she travels to Fort Wayne, to meet the sister she had gone most of her life without knowing about. For Hoss, from the first moment he laid eyes on her, the truth and beauty inside her called to him. Now he will have to find a way to win the woman’s trust and love, while navigating the dangerous currents swirling around the club.

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ~ Bob Marley

**Hoss introduces readers to the hard topic of homelessness. To learn more about this issue and how to get involved please check out my Empower Yourself page.

What they say

Beauty lies
They say
In the eyes
Where what we see becomes truth
Where what we know becomes twisted
That twist bursting seams with joy wasted
Bringing down our towers of unused youth

Beauty lies
They say
In the mouth
Where what we remark can hurt or heal
Where what we hear can give us peace
True peace reaching through passionate release
Giving the courage to look within and feel

Beauty lies
They say
In the heart
Where what we feel turns into certainty
Where what we sense imbues our dreaming
Filling places inside with rich meaning
Eager ardor fully worthy of raw clarity

Beauty lies
They say
In the soul
Where what we absorb feeds our brightness
Where what we imbibe nourishes good
Enthralling brilliance blinding as it should
Our tribe surrounded free in captive rightness

Copyright © 2015 – MariaLisa deMora

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In many of the books I write, the story can touch on topics that are important and relevant to today’s society, and echo challenges we might be encountering within our own lives. Visit my Empower Yourself page for links to the information I researched for the story, so folks invested in the subject matter can cultivate greater knowledge. Not intended as a “be all, end all” source of information, these curated links should be looked at as more of a jumping-off point. Go forth and conquer!