Christmas Doings

Rebel Wayfarers MC, Book 11.25

A Rebel Wayfarers MC Novella

Ester’s life has changed for the better. When she found Bones she’d been adrift for a long time, homeless and living on the edge of humanity. Those days have left their scars, on her mind and body. Finally settled into their relationship, she wants to give Bones the greatest gift, only to realize those dreams are a casualty of her past.

Full description:
Ester’s gotten good at taking what life hands her and figuring out how to make the best of a bad situation. Lemonade made from lemons with a quick twist of the wrist and a judicious application of love to sweeten it. She meets each day with her quirky smile, and it doesn’t matter if it’s dogs, birds, kids, or every day being Bonesday—these were the best in the history of everything when it came to making her happy.

And when her old man—a big, bad, biker named Bones—is on a mission to give her everything she ever wanted? She quickly learns to accept the inevitable and hold on for the ride.

Along the way there are club whores, Great Danes, ride-or-die brothers, and tiny humans. Is there a better kind of holiday story than one of true love?